5 great charity fundraising Ideas


Want to support your favorite charity?  


You’ve found a charity you’re passionate about and want to support them the best you can.


But the big question is how? Fundraising can be a really fun away to raise awareness and donate to the charity of your choose.







Here’s five creative fundraising ideas, which will inspire you to get your fundraising started.


1) Get Climbing!


Climb the Everest…no, not literary.


Create a climbing event at your nearest rock climbing center and call it the Everest challenge.


Ask your participants to climb the length of Mount Everest as a team and document them doing so. Participants can then ask everyone they know, to sponsor their climb.




2) Get your chic on!


Hosting a catwalk can be creative, fun and practical. Invite local business, colleges and schools to get involved.


Then sell tickets to the local community through the participants and social media.


Contact your local media, to help spread awareness far and wide!


3) Feeling arty?


For those talented artists out there; host an art exhibition. Invite everyone from your community to take part in a painting event.

Then host an art exhibition to showcase the results; use social media to advertise the event and sell tickets.

Untitled design (1)


4) Hungry?


Organize a big picnic or tea party in a local park or public area. Use the local media and online networks to advertise the event and ask for donations to attend.

Untitled design

5) Get cultural!

Host a film night! Ask people to participate in a series of short films that highlight and celebrate different cultures. Try selling your tickets on social media.

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