The Missing Link in Sustainability: Diversity

Cooperation, unity, togetherness, partnership, agreement, teamwork, social community or movement. What are our values?

We currently live in an increasingly multi-cultural, diverse world. Yet, certain communities and demographics remain underrepresented in sustainability efforts. The question now becomes: How can we begin to bridge this gap and ensure sustainability is inclusive, and reflective of the greater population? This requires a top-down analysis, from corporations to consumers. Let’s discuss. 

Here, we present four points to consider about the way forward in ensuring diversity becomes a core tenant in sustainability:

  1. Let’s be honest.

In order to achieve true progress, it is important we be open and willing to have honest conversations about diversifying the faces of sustainability. Organizations and communities should prioritize creating safe spaces to discuss topics like systemic privilege, unconscious bias and the afterthought of diversity & inclusion in the recruitment process. 

2.  Invest in the next generation, they are our future.

Internships, apprenticeships and trainee programs within sustainability organizations and brands are a cost-efficient and effective way of reacher younger, ethnically-diverse populations. According to Net Impact, half of millennials have said they’d willingly take a pay cut to find meaningful work that aligns with their personal values. They are the future and well worth the investment.

3. Follow the numbers.

Money talks, and there are strong correlations between diversity metrics and financial success. This appears to be based on the premise that people of different backgrounds and life experiences will offer a larger variety of ideas that have proven to be both innovative and lucrative. 

4. Employ/empower cultural liaisons and intersectional influencers. 

Employing cultural liaisons on sustainability teams can help bridge the gaps in representation and broaden the organization’s reach. In today’s world, where people are largely informed by their favorite social platforms, it is worthwhile to highlight and empower influencers with intersectional backgrounds so that all ages, races, religions and identities are involved in the efforts to save our planet. 

To put things simply, diversity matters and inclusivity of people from all walks of life remains essential in creating a more just, sustainable world.

“All-aboard, on the ride to #SaveThePlanet!”

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