Products you need to help save the world in 2021

It seems almost ironic to suggest that products can help save the world, but maybe if you choose the right ones…

Let’s start with a disclaimer. There is no need to buy these items if you already have perfectly suitable ones at home, but if you’ve ran out and looking for something more sustainable? Why not?

Products for the bedroom…

No, this is not what you first thought it could mean… I’m talking clothing, footwear, make up and bedding.

  • Lora Gene makes great slow fashion, their clothing and accessories make for a perfect capsule wardrobe
  • Tekla is a bedding company who use organic materials, their website even provides information about how and where they source their fabrics from, right down to the label
  • Kattamarum is a fun plastic-free clothing brand who sell graphic tees primarily for kids and babies, but if you find yourself wanting a slice of the action, don’t worry, they have mens and womenswear
  • Ecosia is the search engine you need on your laptop, with every search, they plant a tree and have planted over 118,000,000 so far

Products for your bathroom

  • Bam and Boo deliver climate-neutral oral and hair care to your door, their toothbrushes are my personal favourite, with heads coming in all different colours
  • Bite Toothpaste Bits make brushing your teeth plastic-free, with digestible toothpaste bites; when your toothpaste tube runs out, don’t forget to replace it with these little miracle-workers
  • Estrid is a razor company who are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and with every purchase, a portion of profits is donated to women’s charities like The Fawcett Society

Products for your kitchen

  • Package Free Shop make airtight and plastic-free containers for kitchens globally, get involved
  • Drop Bear Beer and Brewgooder Beer are companies who sell a certain alcohol beverage, have you guessed it? The good news is that Drop Bear Beer is vegan and gluten-free and Brewgooder donates all their profits to clean water projects
  • Divine Chocolates belong in your sweet cupboard at home, they sell a range of organic and vegan chocolates; good for the environment, and delicious
  • Ted’s Veg belongs in your fridge, these vegetables have been grown chemical-free and owner, Ted, is determined to eradicate both packaging and food wastage

Products for your living space

  • Etsy has so many independent sellers who craft handmade furniture and living room essentials, have a search on there to find your unique piece
  • The Future Kept is the place to go for candles, plant pots and throws alike, all ethically sourced and sustainably made

If you love our recommendations, please let us know on our Instagram, @livetree_sustainability. We love to see you enjoying a more sustainable lifestyle!

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