What are Seed Coins?

So, what are seed coins? It’s time to delve.

Seed (SED) is a cryptocurrency we have developed for use on our brand new app, Livetree. Seed (SED) takes the form of seed coins and seed tokens. You can use seed coins to shower your favourite content creators and change-makers with love, or what we call ‘tips’. What’s more, every time you tip a seed coin, we plant a tree, off-setting your carbon footprint and helping save the planet.

50% of all tips will go to the creator, 25% will go to reforestation efforts, and the final 25% will help make the internet a fairer place.

With Livetree, you will help save the planet, make some money and invest in a new revolution of social media. Sound too good to be true? But true it is. Be part of the journey by signing up here


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