Livetree: Our Values

Want to hear about our Livetree core values? Keep reading…

In the lead up to our app launch, we want to enlighten you all about our values, and the ideas we have stood behind for years, ever since we started out on our Livetree journey, which is very much a passion project.

Our app is going to be a sustainability-focused space where we can all interact freely, and have more nuanced and important conversations about what we care about – climate change, renewable energy, equality, biodiversity and more. In order to ensure it stays a positive and safe space for these conversations, let’s delve into what makes Livetree, Livetree.


Surprise, surprise, the first of our values is sustainability. Our concept of sustainability stems from different sets of ecological thought; from the three pillars of sustainability, not only environmental but economic and social, to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainability Goals. On our app, we want sustainability to be talked about in a way that truly respects its range and complexity, a complexity that is often lost in the expansive void of TikTok and YouTube.


Another important value we hold dear is innovation. We believe that without innovation, our planet cannot be saved. Unbelievable sustainable solutions have been birthed out of innovative action taken by experts, scientists, and political thinkers, such as… floating ecosystems, water-less toilets and bricks made from plastic waste. Social media can be used in a positive way to encourage innovative thinking, we can not only all share our tips and tricks but also share more in-depth knowledge about important life-changing steps that will help us all grow into more environmentally-conscious beings.


Finally, community is at the heart of what we do. Our Livetree app will be a safe and positive community where we can all engage with friends, our favourite storytellers, content creators and experts. We can all watch and share content together, and keep telling each other stories everyday… because we believe it is stories that will change the world.

If you’re as excited about our app launch as we are, follow us on our instagram for updates, and keep your eyes peeled…


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