Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

On our new app, you can not only watch content from creators, brands and experts you love, but you can offset your carbon footprint – one seed coin tip at a time.

25% of the seed coins you tip to your favourite creators goes to planting trees. One seed coin = one seed in the soil, to flourish and grow. This act of kindness and appreciation towards the role models we see on our screens, doubles as a way we can save our planet.

Our partners include the WWF, Eden Reforestation Projects and Rainforest Trust UK, who all seek to ensure not only reforestation but the maintenance of forests and woodland we already have.

Recently, more and more evidence has emerged that planting trees alone will not tackle climate change, in fact, there isn’t enough space on earth to plant the amount of trees it would take to prevent the climate from warming.

Since the climate crisis was brought to the forefront of people’s minds in the 21st century, governments and companies alike have latched themselves to the solution of tree planting. Perhaps it seemed like the only part of the crisis which they could control, or the only quick-fix.

Saving the planet does not come in a quick-fix package deal, it will not be achieved by planting trees alone, nor simply using paper straws. Research suggests that new trees actually do not produce sizeable amounts of oxygen, nowhere near the amount emitted by older trees and forests.

This is why Livetree are committed to not only planting trees in parts of the globe that need it, but prioritising biodiversity, and ensuring that we focus on forest maintenance in the same way we do reforestation.

Our integral goal is offsetting our carbon footprint, but the more the world tips seed coins, the more likely it is we can achieve our goal of not only offsetting, but giving back.

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