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Our fair, secure and transparent video app protects your data. This means we do not profit from advertising. Our transparent technology means your identity, the things you discuss with friends and the people you connect with are never used without 100% of your knowledge. We designed our entire platform so we never profit from your data, instead, our revenue comes from making films and documentaries for brands that are ethically accredited to bring about change in how we build and consume the products we all love. We guarantee all revenue generated by the videos you make and watch will be shared between you, as a content creator, cutting-edge open-source Web 3.0 technology to care and maintain the fair web, and our charity partners who plant trees to offset your carbon footprint and help save the planet.


Stories inspire change. Join our network of sustainability experts, thought-leaders, scientists and visionaries producing documentaries, films and insights to bring you inspirational stories about everything from the environment, social justice to green innovation.

While you feel inspired, we encourage you to share and broadcast your vision of the future. Collaborate and send support to the stories that matter to you through gifts. You can even make your own transparent organisation (called decentralised automonous organisations) that manage funds and enable us all to not only watch but take positive direct action toward the causes that are important to you. Don’t just watch, change the script.


We are a video platform that brings communities together through storytelling. Your video room enables you to watch videos while chatting with friends and new connections in conversations and discussions that can bring about real change across the globe.


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