BFI and Livetree Partnership: Supporting People of Colour in Film

LiveTree and the BFI have partnered to support emerging film talent and are proud to hold the official launch at the BFI Raw Shorts: Black Stars event on 19 November.

Join us for an afternoon with black young talents who either write, direct or star in their own projects, have built huge online followings and kick-started their careers along the way – they’ll share tips and tricks in a Q&A and screen examples of their work before free networking drinks.

One of the topics that requires highlighting is the issues facing minorities in the film industry. Is there a correlation between income, ethnicity and those who are filmmakers? Is there an ethnic and social divide in the film sector?  If so, what can we do about it?


Shredding The Red Tape

We can pretend like these invisible lines of separation are not there but barriers do exist. Within the film industry we can see recycled narratives played out in various different ways for various different reasons. In film, black actors are often shoehorned into roles that do not reflect their reality or reinforce negative stereotypes. What is more frustrating is that some projects appear to have been commissioned predicated on what stereotype they play up to. Too often a predominately black film, or the story line of black character in an otherwise white film, revolves around the themes of struggle, slavery, drugs and violence or single parent lifestyles.

A potential cause is the metaphorical “red tape” and who approves what. Fortunately, this no longer universally applies thanks to the internet, communities, social media and, most importantly crowdfunding. Now it’s mostly about your vision and getting the money, exposure and support to turn an idea into reality.


The Wider Issue

When it comes to creativity the issues are broader than race, gender, religion or any other differentiating factor. The real barrier to entry is finding the freedom to create what you want to see in the world in the exact way you envisioned. Fortunately, power has become less centralised. Nobody has to be Oliver begging for gruel, now we design our own banquets and have everyone contribute and join us for the meal.

In the UK, Crowdfunding plays a major role in providing creative freedom and we at LiveTree are taking it further, beyond funding to a wider community of like-minded creatives helping each other achieving their goals.

No matter where you are from and what prejudice or obstacles you may face. We challenge you to make your vision a reality. Get Funded. Make a difference. Branch out.



– Daniel @ LiveTree





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