Do The Right(s) Thing – By Cheryl Clarke


The TV distribution market is a complex beast and a valuable one at that – worth £20bn annually, notably it lacks automation. And that’s been for good reason, the human factor of doing commercial business in a creative world is a prized asset and the people with most expertise in deal making and spotting a hit are not from an era of warp speed technological change – and prefer it that way. On a more cynical note, keeping it personal preserves the ability for people to make their cut out of the lack of transparency. But here we are, and if we don’t keep up with the advances technology brings, it will sprint right past us. So in a time of information overload and overkill, the need for transparency — along with communication, humanity and honesty — across all sectors and businesses has never been greater.


The globalisation of the content industry has been taking place at an alarming rate. In a mere 15 years, we’ve moved from a nice comfy linear world and a nice easy model — ‘get show, sell show, report, repeat’ — to a multi-layered, digital, cross-territory universe of ludicrous complexity. Managing contracts these days entails juggling up to 50 sets of interlinking rights. What people want in a world that’s difficult to understand is simplicity.


Currently it works like this; buyer and seller make contact, sometimes on the phone and sometimes in person using many wo(man) hours and resources to make that contact. They talk about a deal, go back to the office and try to articulate what they think was discussed or agreed in contract form. The seller manually checks availability of rights that a buyer wants (this can take some time, even with the rights management systems many distributors now have in house). The seller arranges access to screeners of the show and buyer and seller negotiate terms and final contracts are drawn up. There are two big problems in this scenario; deals take a long time, the back and forth and complexity of paperwork means that a single deal might take 6-12 months to complete and many deals never happen due to the simple logistics of physically setting your stall out and managing it.


Since the process is so labour intensive, sellers have to optimise their sales teams to concentrate on the highest value parts of the catalogue being sold to the richest buyers. The long tail of content often remains unsold regardless of whether there is demand. If you are a buyer from a smaller channel or a VOD platform, good luck getting attention of the major distributors – even if you’ve got a decent budget. The distributors are frequently too busy dealing with the paperwork from their big clients to respond to your email.


Automated licensing systems solve both problems and are a perfect use case for the blockchain. Deals can be done in minutes and entire catalogues can be easily bought and sold where previously they wouldn’t have seen the light of day. This simplicity in the face of complexity might just increase the possibility for creative commercial people to exercise more of the creative whilst the commerce takes care of itself.  With LiveTree ADEPT, the platform takes this idea and moves it square in the middle of an entire system of funding, licensing and distribution, through Blossom TV and to a whole new era of simplicity. With a new tool for creators, big and small to test the market, access investment and license and choose options for distribution, a decentralised freedom for creative endeavour is very much in our grasps.


For those who’ve bought Seed and wonder how it will make money, this licensing model is key. Seed holders now have an opportunity to own a share in the licensing process around film and television and value is created from other people loving what you love. Seed has been created in a fixed quantity, so any unsold tokens will be removed from circulation in what is called a ‘buy back and depletion’ model. Stuff only has value if it’s scarce, like gold, so your Seed will become a larger part of a smaller pie. But how? It’s all about the fees which are paid in Seed – when something is created, funded or distributed, Seed is paid, increasing demand.  The crucial understanding here though is that it makes no difference whether a project is deemed successful or not, the very transactions around any activity on the platform generate demand for Seed ensuring its value remains intact. This is about bringing together all interested parties on one platform, to provide efficiencies and win wins for the industry, fans and the creators. It all ties back to our values of transparency, fostering mutual benefit and getting great content on to screen.


This is a global platform that breaks down the walls that separate us – with a world that now understands it is interconnected, we need storytelling that reflects the needs we have now, plant this Seed and see it grow.



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A LiveTree For All Reasons – by Cheryl Clarke

A LiveTree for all reasons
A LiveTree for all reasons

A LiveTree For All Reasons – by Cheryl Clarke

If you’ve heard of LiveTree ADEPT, you’re probably now interested in the compelling mission and values of a business that is about to build a platform which places the power of creative entertainment into the hands of those who create, invest and watch it, rather than the corporates, but what next?

If you’re an investor with a wallet of crypto-currency and blockchain investments, look away, you know what you’re doing and the market is a fascinating and dynamic place, enjoy!

But LiveTree is different, it has clear mass market appeal beyond the crypto-players and this is what differentiates it from the vast majority of blockchain propositions and here’s how:

LiveTree, the reward based crowd funding site is an established revenue generating business that has seen 20% growth month on month. Over the last six months alone, it has crowdfunded some 120 film, TV and content projects. It has also built a network of 14,000 entertainment companies and their employees. That’s great, but there was always a bigger plan in the LiveTree house and finally the time has come to build it.

So why get involved now? For start offs there’s a very attractive discount scheme designed to make the offer feel good to even to the smallest stake of interest.  Whether it’s your great uncle who always keeps a couple of grand to one side ‘for interesting things’, or if you’re an up and coming film director, a TV and film mega fan, an established TV production company or a seasoned film investor, LiveTree ADEPT is for everyone.

Even for the casual observer, the platform will quickly become a fascinating space to immerse yourself in the wonder of our potential creativity, when the arbiters of taste, judgement and culture don’t have exponential company growth to think of.

To the uninitiated, setting up a digital wallet might also seem a little daunting but it’s as simple, if not more so, than opening a bank account, just follow the videos here:

Most crucially, the cultural implications are broader and deeper than a speculative flutter. If you believe that the films we make and the stories we tell can change our hearts and minds, then this is for you. As a fan, you can get closer to the creators, have a say in the direction a project goes in, you could even own a piece of it.

As a creator, up and coming or established, the platform is the place to go with all of those ideas and developed projects that you know aren’t going to get commissioned or financed through the traditional routes and gatekeepers. These tend to be the best, ground breaking or frankly diverse stuff which a now risk averse, money obsessed environment can’t take a punt on, obsessed as the system has forced us to be on revenues. These ideas can have a willing audience to pay for it if there was a mechanism to share the story, through word of mouth and decent marketing. That mechanism is LiveTree ADEPT. Or maybe as a producer you don’t want to give up the value of what you create to a massive internet company that doesn’t pay its taxes and in this digital wild-west, is answerable to no one, not even its own algorithms.

As a sales or distribution outfit, you have a new pipeline of content to do deals with if you choose and as a viewer, you have a pre pay per view channel where what you watch is what you and your community have helped to make. If you were to imagine a version of Netflix where your voice is heard on what gets made and you have the chance to share in its success in every way, and so does everyone else in the network, then for me, that’s just a buzz.

When we can see that the power for change is in enough of us coming together to enable this new future. The digital token being offered at the root of LiveTree ADEPT (Advanced, Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution) – is a stake in a new world of entertainment where everyone’s welcome.