LiveTree Rooms

We believe that social interaction and movies go hand in hand. On LiveTree, users will form communities where you can interact with each other and your friends, share content and vote on what you want to see next. LiveTree Rooms will gather an addressable user base around a shared taste, genre, producer, subculture or even just your friends watching a film together. The LiveTree system will support our independent and mainstream content producers to provide an addressable user base of dedicated fans. Request access┬áto become part of the future of entertainment! Continue reading “LiveTree Rooms”

LiveTree’s Top Ten Films of 2018!


An Elephant Sitting Still (Bo Hu, Drama, 230 mins)

The young Bo Hu’s first feature film is glacially slow, delicately surreal and heart-wrenchingly sad. We were in China as the film was released and were surprised to not hear much about it there. But someone suggested that the bleak portrayal of the greying, decaying, Chinese cityscapes made it lucky to find production at all. Continue reading “LiveTree’s Top Ten Films of 2018!”