A Decentralised Solution to Climate Change

In our last post we talked about Facebook’s announcement about Libra and its potential impact on bringing blockchain technology into mainstream tech. While Facebook and Amazon attempt to use blockchain to regain good faith, distracting us from their capitalist (and problematic) policies, let us focus on far more important uses for blockchain, such as in fighting climate change!

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Tipping the Scales – Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

Is it a bold new play by the world’s largest social media platform or a last bid attempt for Facebook to regain trust after the loss of faith of millions of users after the past few years of data mismanagement?  Whatever the case, on Tuesday 18 June 2019, Facebook published a whitepaper for its new global digital currency Libra. So what is Libra? And what could be motivating the tech titan to move into cryptocurrency? Moreover do its proposals stack up with traditional notions of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? And most importantly… do we want private companies having so much access to our data whilst also controlling our finances? Continue reading “Tipping the Scales – Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency”

Payments with Seed on LiveTree

Seed (SED) is a cryptocurrency created by the LiveTree team in early 2018. Seed tokens can be used throughout the LiveTree platform for a wide range of functions such as payments, voting, rewards and referrals! LiveTree TV users can pay their monthly subscriptions with Seed tokens at a valuation of one Seed to one US dollar. Crucially, Seed tokens are used to back new projects. LiveTree users can put as many Seed tokens as they like into individual projects or an entire catalogue presented by a community. The project’s revenues are then converted into Seed and distributed proportionally to all of its backers. Continue reading “Payments with Seed on LiveTree”

LiveTree’s Top Ten Films of 2018!


An Elephant Sitting Still (Bo Hu, Drama, 230 mins)

The young Bo Hu’s first feature film is glacially slow, delicately surreal and heart-wrenchingly sad. We were in China as the film was released and were surprised to not hear much about it there. But someone suggested that the bleak portrayal of the greying, decaying, Chinese cityscapes made it lucky to find production at all. Continue reading “LiveTree’s Top Ten Films of 2018!”

What is Qravity? How does it help independent filmmaking?


Qravity is a new decentralized platform for creatives working in film, TV and video content industries to come together, network, collaborate and, most importantly, initiate royalties contracts. The smart contracts facilitated by blockchain technology allow for a project’s revenues to be distributed transparently, instantaneously and automatically, cutting out many of the costly middle-men of an antiquated industry structure. Continue reading “What is Qravity? How does it help independent filmmaking?”