What Do You Mean When You Say “All Lives Matter”?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Black Lives Matter Movement. A movement that started out to express outrage at the way African-Americans are mistreated by the American police, has now grown at an unprecedented rate, giving a voice to people of African origin all over the world. 

But with a need for a voice, comes the need to silence the voice. A surprisingly common response to “Black Lives Matter” is “All Lives Matter”.

So here’s my question…what do you mean when you say all lives matter? Did all lives not matter before you said so? Or does saying “Black lives matter” automatically negate the importance of “other” lives?

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Tipping the Scales – Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

Is it a bold new play by the world’s largest social media platform or a last bid attempt for Facebook to regain trust after the loss of faith of millions of users after the past few years of data mismanagement?  Whatever the case, on Tuesday 18 June 2019, Facebook published a whitepaper for its new global digital currency Libra. So what is Libra? And what could be motivating the tech titan to move into cryptocurrency? Moreover do its proposals stack up with traditional notions of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? And most importantly… do we want private companies having so much access to our data whilst also controlling our finances? Continue reading “Tipping the Scales – Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency”