Crowdfunding for Creatives Works – Why



In the past, creative people used to face many challenges in getting their projects off of the ground and would often struggle to raise funds and market their works. The stereotype of the ‘struggling artist’ is a stereotype that we can safely kiss goodbye and leave in the past; and this is thanks to the concept of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is extremely profitable and works very well for creatives such as filmmakers, artists, fashion designers and designers from all sorts of different niches. Crowdfunding works well for many different types of projects, but statistics show that creative people in particular have much success from utilising crowdfunding platforms like LiveTree.


Crowdfunding platforms give creative people the upper hand and a platform on which to stand and market their creative ideas and projects. In the past, creative people would struggle to find ways and platforms through which to market their work, and crowdfunding platforms have provided an essential tool for the creative toolbox. This is because crowdfunding has become extremely popular in recent times, not only for people wanting to promote and market their projects, but also for people who have the resources and who wish to donate funds in order to help other people. We have reached a time in history where the people of the world are craving unity, support and cooperation, and many people these days are willing and even eager to lend a helping hand and provide financial support to those who need it. Many people are aware of how creative people can sometimes find it difficult to promote and sponsor their work, and many of these people surf the crowdfunding platforms in search for such creatives who they may support in fulfilling their dreams.


Crowdfunding also enables creative individuals to access a much greater and wider audience than they would otherwise be able to reach. The crowdfunding community expands far wider than an individual’s network and therefore allows creatives such as artists, designers, filmmakers and fashion designers to reach a much larger audience than they would through their own network. Although social media platforms have allowed for a greater opportunity in marketing and advertising; crowdfunding platforms are still able to reach an ever wider audience. Not only this, but crowdfunding platforms such as LiveTree can even assist creatives in determining and connecting with specific target audiences who are more likely to fund creative based projects. Crowdfunding platforms can also assist creative individuals in creating the most ideal strategy as well as connecting them with the right communities and people.


A reason why crowdfunding for creatives works so well is because creative projects are usually very unique and special. The uniqueness of each creative individual and their creative expression is what allows their crowdfunding campaigns to stand out and make an impact. Crowdfunding has become immensely popular with a huge amount of projects and campaigns being uploaded on a daily basis, and therefore, creative people have an advantage over the crowd by being able to stand out. There are loads of crowdfunding campaigns that are very similar to each other, and these campaigns often have difficulty in raising enough funds. Creative people are unique and each has something different to offer which allows them to easily make an impression on potential funders.


Creative expression and creative projects are usually created from the heart and out of sheer passion, love and joy. This is also an advantage for creative individuals when it comes to crowdfunding platforms; as many potential funders are eager to support people who are following their passions. Creative people often create music, film, fashion and art against all odds because it is what they love to do, and this is very appealing for those who wish to support and fund such projects. Creativity is an incredible ability to have and to nurture, and creative expression is something that inspires many people around the world. Creative expression is something that has the potential to inspire, thrill, excite, motivate and uplift other people, whether it be in film, music, art, fashion or any other creative venture, and this provides an extra advantage for creative people using crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for their projects, goals and dreams.



The passion, love, joy and hard work that go into the making of all kinds of creative projects can be seen and felt by everyone else. In this sense, creativity is able to sell itself. Crowdfunding provides the perfect opportunity for creative individuals to reach a wide audience and to have their projects viewed on a massive scale. All of the added support provided by crowdfunding platforms makes it even easier for creative people to achieve their goals. People love passion and people are inspired by passion, and by continuing to follow their passion, creative individuals are able to make a name for themselves and successfully raise funds on crowdfunding platforms.


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