LiveTree’s Top Ten Films of 2018!


An Elephant Sitting Still (Bo Hu, Drama, 230 mins)

The young Bo Hu’s first feature film is glacially slow, delicately surreal and heart-wrenchingly sad. We were in China as the film was released and were surprised to not hear much about it there. But someone suggested that the bleak portrayal of the greying, decaying, Chinese cityscapes made it lucky to find production at all. Continue reading “LiveTree’s Top Ten Films of 2018!”

The Wider Sun returns to LiveTree!

Before we launched our film and TV streaming service, LiveTree was a fully operational UK-based crowdfunding platform for two years. Some of the great films developed during that time are coming back for exhibition on our streaming service.

‘The Wider Sun’, a Scotland-set debut short directed by Sophia Carr-Gomm, raised its budget on LiveTree, going onto show at the Cambridge Film Festival and make a big splash in Edinburgh in November. The premiere, however, was at the BFI, which Carr-Gomm credits to the LiveTree’s association with the legendary organisation. Continue reading “The Wider Sun returns to LiveTree!”

What is Qravity? How does it help independent filmmaking?


Qravity is a new decentralized platform for creatives working in film, TV and video content industries to come together, network, collaborate and, most importantly, initiate royalties contracts. The smart contracts facilitated by blockchain technology allow for a project’s revenues to be distributed transparently, instantaneously and automatically, cutting out many of the costly middle-men of an antiquated industry structure. Continue reading “What is Qravity? How does it help independent filmmaking?”