You Don’t Need to Buy Sustainable Clothing And Be Out Of Pocket, Here’s How To Shop Affordably



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Without a doubt, sustainable fashion brands have a reputation for being expensive. Many of us would love to stop trawling through fast fashion sales and shop more ethically, but we can’t face spending ££££ on a single piece. Understandably! But shopping sustainably no longer has to break the bank. We’ve found 5 incredible brands where you can buy beautifully made, sustainable clothes for a fair and affordable price.

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The Livetree Mark

What is sustainability? 

The word “sustainability” means a lot of different things to different people, but the one unifying opinion, is that “sustainability” refers to the preservation of the world and its inhabitants. At Livetree, we believe that sustainability refers to the change in human behaviour in pursuit of a better world – the conscious decision and action to preserve the environment and to create a more inclusive and progressive society. 

What is the Livetree Mark?

The Livetree Mark is an independently reviewed accreditation that helps consumers identify companies with the highest level of ethical, social and environmental standards, and contributions to society. Livetree’s aim is to shine a light on stories that change the world. The Livetree Mark tells the story of brands that make the effort to help change the world. 

The Livetree Mark is not simply a certificate that a brand may buy to greenwash its image and continue following unethical practices. It tells the story of brands who have truly made the effort to change their policies to pursue a sustainable path to the future.

The Livetree Mark provides a platform for brands to come together to make positive strategic decisions.  It also empowers consumers to make conscious choices. 

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A Decentralised Solution to Climate Change

In our last post we talked about Facebook’s announcement about Libra and its potential impact on bringing blockchain technology into mainstream tech. While Facebook and Amazon attempt to use blockchain to regain good faith, distracting us from their capitalist (and problematic) policies, let us focus on far more important uses for blockchain, such as in fighting climate change!

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