Connecting brands to sustainability focused audiences through creative stories that save the planet

Introducing the mark of sustainability

  • The Livetree Sustainability Certification is a 3rd party accreditation label that can be embedded on your website, inside your apps or feature on offline packaging
  • The label is the mark of sustainability and a first of its kind. It enables people to take direct action, by making positive choices when shopping and being truly part of a brand’s sustainability stories
  • Livetree provides a range of options for brands to interact and engage their communities in fun and exciting ways utilising our film, TV and interactive live video story cloud

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Brands that do good, tell great stories

Our world is evolving and we believe brands that inspire community action through positive stories will be the brands of the future. 

Livetree is a media technology company headquartered in London, UK. We specialise in interactive, live, community-based storytelling experiences. Sustainability initiatives are at the core of everything we do here at Livetree and likewise, they are a massive focus

for every single brand we work with.


Launched in 2018 we have built a range of innovative TV, interactive decentralised film, game and digital capabilities that educate, engage communities in the best way, the fun way. The Livetree Mark, is an expert-reviewed accreditation awarded to companies with the highest ethical, social, and environmental standards. Be part of a positive change and engage a community that cares.


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The Livetree Mark is a third-party accreditation that identifies brands that achieve the highest standards of transparency, innovation and environmental performance.

The interactive label can be embedded in apps, websites, offline packaging and 


We help brands identify the positive stories, which we then turn into interactive sustainability campaigns that excite, engage and ultimately enable your community to take action and make a difference. 


Positive Stories

The certification is based on a set of positive stories designated by badges that denote  different sustainability goals, such as carbon offsetting practices, fair labour and over 90+ existing established cross industry accreditation, for example, if you are a B-Corp company you can qualify for the mark here.


Beyond just a label

Livetree’s aim is to shine a light on stories that change the world through storytelling, crowdfunding initiatives and guiding positive purchasing choices.  We have an audience and network of network of sustainability experts, thought-leaders, to help develop ROI through sponsored content, digital campaigns and TV documentaries. We tailor our proprietary live streaming technology so it can be branded and embedded into your social, website, app or existing web infrastructure, enabling you to reach your community and resell across channels.


Take Action

The Livetree Originals division develops digital interactive video competitions, loyalty systems, short and long form content that uniquely merges our storytelling platform in exciting ways specifically to engage your community to take action and be part of your sustainability story. We are aiming to create a community of brands that want to do good and help educate their costumers on conscious positive choices.



Real communities built around
the positive stories your brand values.

We help our Brand clients work more effectively with their purpose led campaigns and marketing efforts to forge communities, which leverage our existing community member base and beyond to your existing apps, websites, and social media channels. Organic community growth helps lower marketing costs, reduce churn and encourage loyalty. 


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