Livetree the new decentralized social network of #Collectives

Let’s face it – these billionaire and dictator owned networks are a big hit to our lives and they profit from you! Yes, we see

 you Tiktok and Elon! 


On Livetree you earn from your social posts. Watch exclusive live gigs or create your own ticketed live streams and earn tips from your socials –  via your unique decentralized social #Collective

Your #Collective name is powerful – think #BLM for activism or #TheCure for artists. ANY post tagged with your collective’s #name can earn you income! With your #Collective you also get:

Free NFTs

Your own crypto-currency

Your hashtag name gets registered on blockchain, reserve your #Collective name fast as they will no doubt become valuable.


Download the free app and start your #Collective today! This is a limited time only offer with the invite code: BRAVE

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