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One more step as the app is not in the App store there is a bit of faff  – but it will be worth it! 😊


Scroll down for Android and iPhone instructions.

Congratulations, here is your early pre-app store access to Livetree. It’s exclusively by invite only.

You can still use the app but you’ll need to get an invite code from a community member.


For more information and to help us improve the app please email:


You will need to install the Apple Testflight app from the App Store.  This is Apple’s app not Livetree.


After you install Testflight you might see the following screen saying you don’t have any apps. This is a bug from Apple. If this happens, come back to this page and click on this link or any link again. The Livetree app will then show up in Testflight.


If you have an iPhone press this button to get start

Just a friendly reminder, you’ll need to install Apple’s Testflight app first. This is Apple’s app not Livetree. If you don’t see the Livetree app in the Testflight app come back to this page and click this link.


Note some of our community members in Africa have reported the following error:

This a Google Play problem not Livetree. Please revisit this page in 24 hours and try again. We have reported the bug to Google and they are working on it.  If the problem persists more than 1 day please email us on and we will escalate it again to Google.


 If you are on an Android phone press this button to get started

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