Livetree Brand Constitution

Our constitution retains a unifying set of principles whilst devolving maximum control to our community and creators. We aim to adapt to the needs and voices of the Livetree conglomerate. As such, the constitution is a dynamic and adaptable document which will respond to suggestions from the community.




Livetree is a community-managed network for the funding, production and distribution of video content. It promulgates a decentralised network where audiences share the same platform as creators and financiers; every user has control over their own content with no external interference. Therefore, audiences are able to improve on content quality by letting them invest smartly and securely in the projects that are meaningful to them.


Blockchain technology

Livetree is built on blockchain technology, which enables:

  • A transparent, auditable ledger (series of chains) of all transactions made through the Livetree site,
  • A reduction of costs associated with traditional online transactions,
  • Smart contracts to divide returns automatically and instantaneously,
  • The movement of ideas to be tracked and recorded,
  • Livetree to host content without renting servers from online distribution giants,
  • The decentralisation of the entertainment industry,
  • Our tokens use the Moonbeam Polkadot blockchain which facilitates reduced costs for users with no gas fee, larger scalability of content and sustainable usage.


Livetree communities are self-governing groups of users. Communities on Livetree allow:

  • The congregation of like-minded people for the exchange of ideas and tokens,
  • A greater financial force to be developed between individuals with similar visions,
  • The profitability of certain types of investments to be recorded, displayed and analysed,
  • The Livetree team will interfere only in instances of ethical violations.

Livetree Seed Tokens

SEDC is Livetree’s cryptocurrency. Seed is the world’s first film and television cryptocurrency coin. 256,250,000 Seed tokens were created by the Livetree founders in 2017, and no more will ever be created.

Livetree Seed holders:

  • Experience a growth in the value of their investments as Livetree expands and tokens are exchanged,
  • SEDC token holders:

-Are able to invest in film and television content,

-Receive returns when the content they support succeeds commercially,

-Can exchange their tokens for cash on Livetree and at online marketplaces.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Livetree’s originally developed AI programme


Data use and misuse has become one of the central concerns of internet users in recent years and has led to significant losses for internet giants- as in the case of Facebook’s data scandal. Livetree distinguishes itself as a progressive and ethical company in its customer-orientated use of data, and will:

  • Pay users directly for the data they share,
  • Always give users full insight into how their data is used,
  • Never sell user data to any third party,
  • Never use data for targeted advertising,
  • Ensure the authenticity of a user’s work by using a combination of copyright protection databases and decentralised voting systems.


Livetree’s funding model lies at the heart of its innovative approach to content creation. Under Livetree’s model:

  • Users will earn when the projects they back succeed commercially, being rewarded more fairly and substantially than the perks system favoured by crowdfunding models,
  • Backers will be refunded if the project they back do not meet its target budget,

The full range of funding options will be made available to content creators (equity, grants, sponsorship, crowdfunding, institutional funding and pre-rights sales).



Livetree works by offering a fair deal to producers and creators at all scales of production, running on a deal-by-deal basis operated by community leaders. Livetree will:

  • Reward you with 50% of revenue generated from your social content
  • Put all content on an equal footing and allow users and communities to push content to the forefront of Livetree’s catalogue.
  • Your audience members are able to gift you tokens for your content
  • 25% of Livetree’s revenue goes towards forest maintenance and reforestation efforts – minimising your carbon footprint.