#Problem: Social media, corporates and governments have failed us.
Conventional social networks use your data for their profit with massive social impact – without ever asking your permission.
Control your data and license your creativity to bring about revolutionary change.
 The platform - save the planet

Join our network of 120+ sustainability focused thought-leaders, scientists, influencers and artists.

  • Create social video assets (NFTs without environmental impact)
  • Connect with friends and reward artist collectives (DAOs)
  • Give back and save the planet
 The protocol - earn royalties

License your content and control your digital rights. It’s your data. Earn creative royalties:

  • Pay-per-view
  • Subscription
  • Royalty free
  • Advertising
  • Crowdfunds to bring about revolutionary change

Video makes up 80%+ of the internet media. It’s worth trillions.

Crowdfund DAOs

for audience-powered

Video stories that matter

create video NFT rewards that don’t destroy the planet

Parachain Seed Token (PSED) Upgrade
Livetree Parachain
Seed Token
For governance, staking and ambassadors

Parachain Seed Tokens (PSED) powers the protocol and platform. The tokens are built on the Polkadot Moonbeam blockchain and are backward compatible with Ethereum. We are using Polkadot Substrate to avoid gas fees, decrease energy requirements and overcome block size limitations. Users possessing PSED govern the protocol and the platform. PSED generates its value through with the ability to swap to other utility tokens.  Our vision is to build a swappable infrastructure so the community can decide which partners and chains we employ as we build the fair web. 

How it works
Every time a video is uploaded or reward is made, our infrastructure mines ETH, FIL, GLMR, DOT. These tokens can then be swapped for PSED. The more users using the app the more reserves the treasury has to swap for PSED. Governance is provided by PSED holders.
Platform mines
Treasury Reserve
PSED Exchange
Community governs treasury
Decides FIL, ETH, DOT
Exchange rate and quantity
1 PSED = Community
Total PSED
Unvested amount
Floating circulation
Circulation removed
Per Quarter
Integration Partners
We were awarded grants with Filecoin and Moonbeam. Join our developer community on Github.
Our Strategy and Project Plan

We have built a fully functionally video streaming platform with advanced A.I. capabilities. With the launch of Filecoin and Polkadot main nets we are now able to finally reallise the potential of Web 3.0

2018 - 20
ADEPT Platform

Platform to decentralise video Distribution & Funding (ADEPT)

Funding - Wallet

Transaction Engine

  • Multiple FIAT currency
  • ETH / BTC support
  • Individual crowdfunds and DAO off-chain structures
  • Royalty payouts and management system
  • Transaction engine limited by Ethereum gas fees

Distribution - Netflix + Facebook

Stream video / Social Watching

  • Applying neural networks and deep learning technology to analyse video and audio content in real-time. A.I. partnerships with Microfocus and Microsoft. 
  • DRM – “Hollywood” encryption Widevine, Fairplay, PlayReady.
  • Multi-bitrate on-demand smooth streaming
  • 500k user registrations
  • 10,000 hours of films / TV shows. Nearly 1 petabyte of data and video
  • A.I. audit information limited by Ethereum block size issues.
2021 Q1
Design PSED
  • Design & build  new app for sustainability focused & societal impact videos.
  • People “gift” (think patreon) Tiktok style videos and longer form films. Currently 30+ content providers. 150+ sustainability influencers. 40 Youtube channels. Reach of 14m+.
  • Decentralised infrastructure for: 
    • DAO structures
    • Video intelligence data audit 
    • Overcome current gas fee and block size limitations
2021 Q3
Swappable Data Storage & Infrastructure Protocol

PSED harnesses our existing Netflix video streaming to be swappable for decentralised infrastructure such as ETH and Filecoin (see our implemented developed using a Filecoin dev grant

Our video protocol enables us to pay royalties for advertising and Netflix style subscription royalties. The can now be governed using blockchain technology without fees.

Community Governance without gas fees

PSED enables our own protocol tailored to a polkadot blockchain (core rust contract created on Github) that can provide governance without gas fees. Initially chain governance will cover 3 key policies relating to 1 Content Providers, 2 Social initiatives, and 3 Web 3.0 infrastructure project (FIL swappable or Crust).

Ambassador Staking pool rewards programme

PSED is used to rewards community members for vesting, staking and providing liquidity. It is underpinned by an Ambassador programme. The incentives drive value generation through growth via new community members and usage of the app to bring about positive change.

2021 Q4
App launch: Game engine for crowdfunds and DAO structure

PSED provides on-chain DAO structures optimised for the governance of crowdfunds, ads and royalties. Out new app supports gifting stories that matter, this has been gamified and build DAO structures.

Opens Polkadot Ecosystem NFT and Defi Assets

PSED provides a bridge to the Polkadot ecosystem. This opens up the opportunity to develop crowdfund that provide rewards in the form of  NFTs and other Polkadot Defi assets.

We love our original community
We want to say thank you to those 61,803 ADEPT supporters who have been with us since the beginning. We are giving you a special bonus exchange rate once you verify your ERC20 wallet address. Don't worry if you didn't participate early you can still earn or acquire PSED by promoting the app
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