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Livetree touches down in Chennai, India!

LiveTree arrives in Chennai, India this week for the IndiEarth Xchange 2018 festival.

IndiEarth is an online network of creatives and artists working film, TV and music. With over 40,000 users it is the beating heart of India’s independent scene.

IndiEarth Xchange is a festival bringing together the best that India has to offer. The sixth iteration of the highly popular film, TV and media festival is bringing in a diverse range of independent productions from all across India – the most active film market in the world. LiveTree is attending in order to scope out some of the best South Asian talent and offer international distribution to some of the best work, along with the potential for investments in future projects.

The LiveTree Innovation Award is a first for the festival, which will be awarded to a film which not only shows outstanding cinematic artistry, but demonstrates exceptional levels of innovation, imagination and originality. The special prizes attached to the award have not yet been announced.

LiveTree’s participation in the event follows from a long partnership with EarthSync, the Chennai-based production company and record label which founded IndiEarth several years ago. Most well known for its sumptuous music videos, EarthSync also has a deeply moving and internationally recognised feature documentary, Laya Project, under its belt, made in 2006 by director Harold Monfils.

Following the devastation of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, cultural regeneration was needed just as much as infrastructural redevelopment. Laya Project documents a two-year journey through the coastal regions of India, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Maldives and Sri Lanka, recording the history and creative processes of local musicians. It won awards at film festivals around the world and was later broadcast by the National Geographic Channel.

Laya Project, along with 50 hours of EarthSync’s historic catalogue, is available for streaming on LiveTree.

The Alpha version of LiveTree is now fully live and you can request access on our website at  our website.

About us:

London-based LiveTree is a blockchain-based subscription video-on-demand service, with a huge range of amazing films, TV shows and videos. LiveTree allows users to bankroll prospective film and TV projects that they want to see made, and earn then returns and rewards when those projects are streamed on LiveTree, broadcast on television or screened in cinemas. Audiences are able to see content realised that is meaningful to them and which responds to the demands of the time. Creators can secure the finances and the validation they need to tell their story.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, LiveTree operated as a crowdfunding platform (securing 5% of the British creative arts market), they have formed partnerships with some of the biggest names in film and media, including the BFI, Warp Films, the Screen Arts Institute, Film London and many more, as well as blockchain technology partners such as GoChain, Achain and DeepBrain Chain.

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