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Social videos for a better planet

Livetree is a blockchain video platform where you discuss, reward and be part of the stories that improve your life and our planet.

NFT your social videos, get paid, save the planet & take control of your data.

#Video-powered social change

Everytime you watch and reward a video, we will plant a tree to help offset your carbon footprint.

Watch videos and connect with artists and friends across borders while saving the planet.

Your live video story has the power to change the world. Let’s rewrite the script and watch your impact grow.

Our mission

To save the planet and improve our lives by connecting us to your story.

Our values

Connecting you to friends across borders to save the planet

  • Livetree is a video platform where you are not merely the audience but have the power to change the script – live, through video chat. You can improve your life by watching,  discussing, rewarding and connecting with artists, musicians, the causes that matter to you, thought-leaders, scientists and change-makers, all while helping to save our planet. Don’t forget everytime you watch and reward a video we plant a tree and you earn digital gifts.

Artists and creators creativity should be rewarded fairly

  • Your creativity brings us a smile, awareness, social justice, reveals the truth about governments, levels up, brings racial equality, plus a whole lot more. It brings us together. Livetree is the best way for artists and creators to be rewarded by a community of fans, so they can earn a sustainable income while protecting the planet. Welcome to the fair web where your videos and creativity are transparently converted to NFTs. Where your community can truly be part of change.

Join the revolution.

How does it work?
  • Livetree is an open, responsible and community-driven organization. As a member of the community, you decide how everything works and is governed. From what blockchains we use, to how many trees we should plant. We, like the fair web, and your data, as an organization, are transparent and decentralized. Download our whitepaper to learn more.

  • Download the app and experience live video friend rooms, social videos and the ability to create NFTs from your own videos.

  • We are still getting everything up and open but anyone can sign-up with a member’s invite code. Sign-up today to reserve your own personalized handle and get access. 
Integration partners
We were awarded grants with Filecoin and Moonbeam blockchains. Join our developer community on Github.
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