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Join our network of sustainability    experts, thought-leaders, scientists and visionaries.


Save the planet through stories that matter!


Be a change-maker for good. Be part of our professional productions, TV shows and app.


Increase your reach through our storyteller programme.


Earn additional revenue from your existing content. Save time by sharing your existing TikTok & YouTube content on Livetree with a sustainability focused audience.


Save the planet. Everything we do at Livetree is focused on helping the planet. When you join our network you’ll be part of the change for good.




Storyteller Programme 

Help us create a more sustainable digital and physical world through storytelling. By joining our storyteller programme you will:


1. Star or, potentially, feature in our professional content TV slate.


2. Pitch and get your own productions funded.


3. Access new audiences, exclusive brand focused sustainability campaigns and pre-launch Livetree app features.



Earn tips for your creativity


Every time you get tipped for your creative story, you earn 50%! The rest goes to saving the planet. 25% to reforestation. 25% into technology that makes the internet more fair, and transparent.

We make money by working with brands who want TV productions and, in turn, so will you!
Similar apps average around $8m per month in total tips. In addition to 50% of direct tips, you will earn 10% of all tips from any one who joins Livetree from your referral link.


Get started today and earn a new revenue stream while saving the planet.


Save the planet







Sustainability Focused. Fair Internet.

The internet giants guide our thoughts and buying decisions. Through them, you and your data are the product for advertisers. We are creating a different web, one where technology is used to support sustainability through creative storytelling. We call it the fair web and by partnering with Livetree
– you’ll be part of it.





                      Offset your web carbon footprint.
                      With every tip, we donate 25% to saving our rain                          forests by replanting trees.



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