Why is supporting independent charity important?


So, why donate to independent charity?

Many of us are aware of the many different charities supporting tackling various issues worldwide.

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We are also fully aware that many charities need our help to do so, every day we see an advert, receive a phone call or avoid the person on the street waving.

Yes, charities go to great efforts to spread awareness and ask for aid, and yes, many of us avoid these efforts like the plague. However, not many of us are asking why to do charities go to such extreme efforts to engage us and ask for help.


With the current decline in giving and issues across the globe being televised daily. I have decided to ask this question; why is supporting independent charity important?

The answer is simple; it’s the right thing to do. Giving to charity is crucial to helping people in the country that sadly don’t have support systems or fund, to helping people in the UK.


Without charities working overseas and here, life would be dramatically different.

Poverty would be worse oversea and in the UK, with people finding them self in a never ending loop, as the education system would have less funding.

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Serious illnesses would be rife, without charities studying and find cures or treatments. Making the fatality rate higher and leaving more homeless with out the correct care.

The truth is that without the many charity or their arm of fundraisers are society would be shockingly different.

As one of the most advanced and wealthiest countries in the world, we are lucky enough to be able to make a change.

Want to get involved with charity’s? Visit the LiveTree¬†¬†to find out more.

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