Livetree and Polkadot Moonbeam Join Forces

Governments, corporations and social media networks have failed to provide a fair playing field for the users of the internet. Livetree and Moonbeam join forces to take on the problems we face. 

Our social media channels are dominated by biased, opaque recommendation algorithms which only go on to create dangerous echo chambers and deepen cultural divisions, exacerbate world problems and cuts down the chance we have to understand one another. Livetree’s partnership with Moonbeam Polkadot means we now have the scalability to deliver our promise to decentralise how we consume content online. 


The integration will port Livetree’s Ethereum based crowdfund and data governance smart contracts to Moonbeam and a bridge will be created from Ethereum MainNet. Our partnership will have a variety of benefits for our users which you can read more about on Medium. 

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Join the Polkadot Moonbeam and Livetree Community Today

A fundamental driver in the cryptocurrency space is community, are you ready to join the Moonbeam and Livetree community today?

Livetree has an over-arching goal to build an app which supports our members and our growing community. So, as we grow our community it is very important we create bridges with the core communities in the cryptocurrency space.

Today, we welcome the Moonbeam community to Livetree

Moonbeam is a leading purpose-built blockchain, known as a substrate, in the Polkadot network. The benefits of the Moonbeam-Livetree partnership know no bounds. For example, it allows us to host a token pool which is beneficial for our community members, old and new. 

You are invited to participate 

To participate in the token pool you must join the whitelist and carry out the following necessary steps. 

  1. Follow the Livetree and Moonbeam on Twitter. 
  2. Join Livetree on Telegram, and chat & comment on the group at least once. We value active community members and will provide more details of the Livetree Ambassador Reward Programme later.
  3. Fill out the whitelist form.
  4. Retweet Livetree’s most recent tweet for verification but ONLY after you submit the form.

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Livetree Completes First Integration with Polkadot Moonbeam

This will be the world’s first blockchain-based crowdfunding social network dedicated to data rights management & licensing for film, TV & video content announces an integration with Moonbeam. 

Livetree — a video based social network dedicated to crowdfunding video stories based on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is pleased to announce an integration with Moonbeam. Livetree is a video streaming platform with a web 3.0 decentralised infrastructure and video data protocol for crowdfunding, data rights and video licensing. Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, provides a developer platform that enables Solidity contracts to easily be deployed with limited changes required.

The Livetree team has completed the first phase of integration on Moonbase Alpha TestNet with a successful deployment of Livetree’s existing Ethereum based contracts to Moonbeam. The full integration will involve porting all of Livetree’s Ethereum based crowdfund and data governance smart contracts to Moonbeam as well as creating a bridge from Ethereum MainNet.

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