2021: Sustainable Resolutions

Here are some great, easy and sustainable New Year’s resolutions you could try out for 2021.

  • Eat Less Meat

Take part in #MeatFreeMondays or even #Veganuary this year if you’re an avid meat-eater, all of us can do our bit to cut down on our meat consumption, especially red meats like beef.

  • Be an Ally

Social sustainability is often neglected in talks about saving the world, but as the Three Pillars of Sustainability recognises, being socially conscious is just as important as being environmentally conscious. Stand up for equality, and be an informed, and enabling ally to the disadvantaged and the oppressed.

  • Practise Consciousness

Environmentally conscious actions are so important in 2021, if anything more than ever. We are one step closer to realising a climate crisis. Don’t forget the Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Not only this, but in light of a new lockdown, announced on the 4th of January, being conscious of one other, and knowing each other’s boundaries is vital.

  • Appreciate

In unprecedented times like these, appreciating what seems like the small things – personal safety, family and work – can help us all get by. It’s important to also learn to appreciate yourself, as much as you do others.

  • Manifest

Speak to the universe around you kindly, and you’ll be greeted with kindness. This is the greatest lesson of them all.

Let’s step into 2021, united and with purpose. Goodbye 2020…