What are the Benefits of being Livetree Certified?

Providing Brands new video capabilities that turn customers into sustainability friends

We help brands build loyal communities around their sustainability initiatives using our own 3rd party accreditation (the Livetree Mark) and advanced video streaming cloud. Livetree is your sustainability media partner providing consulting, accreditation & interactive video technology capabilities.

PR & Marketing

We would employ a variety of marketing tools to promote our partnership with your brand, including social media, e-shots, podcasts, thought leadership pieces and sponsored content.

Branded page

We would create your very own branded www.livetree.com  community page, with access to over 500,000+ targeted users. Through effective communication via your own interactive page, we will help build brand loyalty by turning your Livetree audience into your community.

Games and Quizzes

Livetree will work with your brand to develop digital interactive video quizzes and competitions, within our platform to engage and grow your community.  By utilising gamified social experiences, we will generate regular interactivity, in a fun and engaging way between the Livetree audience and your brand. Learn more here!

Original Production/Content

Customised original content created by our editorial team. The Livetree Originals division develops short and long form content that uniquely merges storytelling with our platform in exciting ways specifically to engage and grow your community.  Working with BAFTA award winning directors and influencers we have developed state-of-the-art technology that provides our Brand clients access to the next generation of live streaming across channels.

Community Activation

We support crowdfunding and active participation through our interactive originals TV storytelling format.

Connect with business leaders and corporations to form a unique collective with shared interests, attributes and sustainability goals

We promote sustainable and eco-friendly  products that will help change consumer purchasing decisions. Learn more, here






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