This is just some of what you can do with the protocol





TranslationsConnect with people's story whatever the language

Our intelligent video services convert speech-to-text, then automatically generate subtitles in 30+ languages, meaning the stories that matter reach you no matter what the language. So you can connect to new friends no matter what the language across the globe. 


Friends, products, what to watch, who to connect with. Imagine being able to choose which recommendation engine you use. You’ll not be locked, you’ll be in control.


Topic maps for change-makers

Earn from ads put into your videos and content. You can choose the ads you want to insert into your content and earn from your content in a transparently.

Now we’re going open-source to
 create a fair web

Fair web objectives


Enable a marketplace of translators so you can help connect people to people and save the planet.


Imagine if you could build or choose your favourite recommendation engine from a marketplace of companies or individuals.

You would be able to choose a system to help you create a sustainable life, not tied into any single company.


You choose which ads to place in your videos using an open Ad marketplace, otherwise, known as programmatic advertising.

Using the protocol we create powerful, dynamic topic maps and are able to search within a video to a specific moment. It is an incredible educational tool to turn an audiences into students who can search for specific subjects or keywords inside of a how-to or lecture videos.

Imagine what thought-leaders, scientists, visionaries and change-makers can finally do to improve our lives.