How does a Brand get The Livetree Mark?

The Livetree Mark is awarded only to firms who match our high standards of sustainability. We conduct an initial assessment of a brand to ensure it meets the benchmarks set for at least 3 of the 7 Livetree Charter Principles.

Upon meeting our initial benchmarks, the brand progresses to the next stages of the assessment.

Quantitative Assessment

In this stage  we use self-reported data to assign Positive Stories to the brand. The assessment consists of a suite of questions relevant to all industries, plus additional questions catering specifically to each sector that we operate in. The brand can earn up to 90 possible Positive Story badges; one for every sustainability goal it has accomplished. Positive Stories tell a “story” of the absolute efforts made by a brand to truly bring about change.

Consultative Assessment

Following that, the brand undergoes a consultative assessment conducted by the Livetree Panel of Experts. They employ their years of combined experience and industry knowledge to provide a relevant and expert grade to the brand. This approach ensures that the assessment reflects the highest standards.

Community Activation

Finally, we assess the brand’s Community Activation and Engagement factor, which results in an ultimate Livetree Mark grade. We assess how well the brand has engaged its audience and community, and whether its community is aware of its efforts towards being a sustainable brand. We use proprietary technology to gather analytics on public perception of a brand, and employ our crowdfunding feature to enable higher community engagement with the brand.

This process is reviewed and updated every 2 years to ensure its relevance and authenticity.

Sustainability is a Journey

If a brand fails to earn the Livetree Mark, we provide them with suggestions and guidance to help them become more sustainable than they were before. We believe that sustainability is a journey, and we help brands evolve into leaders of change.


Join us in bringing about real change!


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