Livetree Mission

As the internet enters a new era, Livetree is at the forefront of change. We have created a decentralised system that builds community, emphasises sustainability, and could transform the way we interact online.

Inspire social change and sustainability

Our mission is to use stories to connect with people and form a positive community that is inspired to make social change. Based on the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, Livetree enables members to engage with stories that matter.

Build positive communities

We encourage members on Livetree to communicate with each other on a regular basis to help build a real online community that shares the same beliefs. This can be done effectively through our unique feature: rooms.
It gives our members the opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded people, and actively discuss and engage with others about fascinating content, centred around making the world a better place.

Empower users

We bring people together through film and TV. This means finding content that really speaks with our audience and letting them decide what comes on to Livetree.
Throughout the whole process, we use blockchain technology smartly to bring you the most seamless interactive experience ever. In an age where all of our data is being collected for profit, Livetree brings you into the next generation of entertainment with a transparent, community-owned platform that empowers its users. Immerse yourself in the blockchain world easily, take control of your data,  and play an active part in the future of entertainment!

On Livetree, discover the story behind the statistics, watch the documentary and inspire yourself and others to make a positive social change. We encourage you to sit forward and engage.
To make a real impact, join Livetree and become part of a community that cares.

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