Poverty Within the Eyes of a Child

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are, and the lack of social support has left some of the most vulnerable children in terrible situations. In this revealing documentary, ‘Poverty Within the Eyes of a Child’, we’re introduced to Kylie and Becky, two eight-year-old twins who live in a household of 12. Their parents are unemployed, and the girls are having to face adult responsibilities long before they should. The children are unable to go to school and face imminent eviction due to circumstances out of their control. Find out more here on the Eyes of a Child documentary.

Unfortunately, this is not a rare case and many young children suffer silently in poverty. On Livetree, we want you to change our world for the better, join millions and go beyond watching. Film remains the most powerful medium of our time and we want you to sit forward and engage

Through the people you meet on Livetree and in our stories, we try to understand more about the serious problems around the world, and how we can help. It is only when we turn our attention to these concerning affairs, that real change will begin.

The United Nations defines poverty as the denial of choices and opportunities; a violation of human dignity. In the UK, one of the worlds most affluent countries, one in three children live in poverty, equating to around 4 million. The story of Becky and Kylie shines a small light on countless others, and we must all do all do all we can to help.

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