The Future of Seed Tokens with Moonbeam

You may know Livetree has its own ERC-20 tokens. Seed (SED) is their name. However, you may not have heard of Parachain Seed tokens (PSED)… let’s start with the basics! 
What are Seed tokens? 

In 2018, Livetree created Seed (SED). With the SED ERC-20 token, our goal was achieved. We successfully build an ADEPT platform for filmmakers and distributors. ADEPT, an acronym for Advanced Decentralised Entertainment Platform for Transparent Distribution solved many problems in the film industry. For example, content gatekeeping, time-consuming negotiations and complicated terms of contracts. Seed tokens can be swapped with ETH, BTC and others in the Ethereum blockchain. However, we have found that SED is not scale-able enough within the Ethereum network for us to see SED’s true impact. You can read more about Ethereum here (link). 


This year, we are launching our app. The app will utilise decentralised video infrastructure and realise our vision for the fair web. We will enable our users to reward the stories that matter to them, help save the planet and spark direct action in their communities. The Tik Tok style streaming platform encourages live conversations with our ‘discuss’ function, and helps the community form new connections. As a DAO, Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, Livetree enables transparency for users instead of profiting off their data. Livetree is a passion project, and we are really trying to address world problems we have today. For example climate change, human rights breaches, and inequalities. 

What are Parachain seed tokens? 

Parachain Seed Tokens (PSED) are our new tokens. They are Etereum ERC20 and Moonbeam Polkadot compatible. PSED introduces three key benefits or areas of functionality that we do not have with SED.

  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Rewards

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