Plant trees, create a fair web, earn Seed tips

What are Seed coins?


  • Seed coins are a virtual good you can buy on Livetree
  • Tip Seed coins to show support and encourage video creators, friends, innovators and world change makers 
  • We plant a tree every time you tip Seed coins so you can do your bit to help save the planet.

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You earn your fair share

Tip Seed coins to the people that make a difference. You, the artists, creators, the change-makers and innovators earn 50%.

Facebook earns you 0. TikTok earns you 0. With us you earn 50%, plus, you’ll help save the planet by off-setting your carbon footprint. That’s because the other 50% goes to planting trees and making a fairer web, so you can help those behind the screen and our planet at the same time. Support the videos and stories that make a real difference, tip Seed coins. Sign-up / Login

Earn your fair share
Earn your fair share
Offset your footprint
Offset your internet footprint

Plant trees, offset your footprint

Offset your carbon footprint and save the planet. Do your bit while your helping others.

We help offset your carbon footprint by planting trees via our charity partners. 20% of your tip goes to planting trees and stopping deforestation, so you start to do your bit to protect the rainforest and our planet.

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Be part of the fair web
Own your data

A fair web

When you stream a video: What you watched, when you watched it, how much you watched and other details about you (meta-data) are collected by social networks, search engines and advertisers. They use it to help guide what you buy, what you do and the people you connect with. This information is valuable and is why, for example, Facebook is worth over $500bn (last time we checked).


Imagine if you could get paid for your data, own it and truly control it. The first step of this is not use our servers, not use facebook servers or anyone else’s servers. This is called decentralisation and is why 30% of your tip goes to protecting your data and creates a fairer web.

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