What is Qravity? How does it help independent filmmaking?


Qravity is a new decentralized platform for creatives working in film, TV and video content industries to come together, network, collaborate and, most importantly, initiate royalties contracts. The smart contracts facilitated by blockchain technology allow for a project’s revenues to be distributed transparently, instantaneously and automatically, cutting out many of the costly middle-men of an antiquated industry structure.

An important contribution which blockchain can make to the indpendent film market is recognised by Qravity, which is equity crowdfunding. As opposed to traditional crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding allows all “donors” to become investors, receiving returns personally from the project’s revenues. Smart contracts can distribute revenues proportionately not just to those who work on the projects, but to those who have bankrolled it, too. Revenues even of a fraction of a cent are not lost in charges on the blockchain.

“Any independent film producer knows that one of the most difficult tasks in moviemaking is getting funding,” Qravity observes. “The main reason for this is that investors see indie projects as too high-risk with a low potential for reward.” Qravity views equity crowdfunding as the solution to this problem. However, this, in reality, a problem with DISTRIBUTION.

The high risk of investing in an independent film project is not reduced by a greater number of backers each investing a smaller amount. Qravity believes, from the evidence of crowdfunding, that harnessing the passion of a fanbase will eliminate the clinical attitude towards film investments that hamper small projects getting off the ground. Crowdfunding, however, has in its history only gotten a handful of independent projects to cinema screens, and these are almost exclusively made by high-profile creators such as Charlie Kaufman,  Spike Lee and Zach Braff.

Independent projects are high-risk because it is difficult to find their target audiences. If 1/100 people might like to see a quirky independent feature, whereas 10/100 people might want to see a new superhero movie, then the independent feature has to reach ten times as many people through marketing to get the same number of people into the cinema.

LiveTree is developing a next-generation film and TV streaming platform where audiences can socialise and recommend new films. “Communities” form around a shared niche interest or a special taste, and members can share content and pitch new projects. New projects can be bankrolled with Seed tokens, the world’s first film and television cryptocurrency, in a process of equity-based crowd investment. Although the general public may follow their heart, they will also want to make sound investments. LiveTree’s platform ensures that small-scale productions will find their fanbases, monetise efficiently, and go on to produce more content.

We are developing a fully decentralized entertainment landscape that will return creative control to artists and give power into the hands of audiences. We are launching with an unbelievable catalogue of films and TV shows to get the ball rolling – arthouse gems, Hollywood classics, eye-opening documentaries, TV powerhouses and modern blockbusters.

If you want to get started in the blockchain revolution and to own a piece of the future of entertainment, sign up here!



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