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Livetree History – Origins and How our Mission Started

Founded in 2015, Livetree was originally dedicated to Aaron Swartz.
He shared many of our values and founding beliefs around data democracy and community.

Ashley Turing, Livetree CEO is an investor and entrepreneur with a diverse background and over twenty years’ experience in technology innovation. Having spent some time studying computer science in Seattle, he has gone on to work for a number of top companies which include the likes of Microsoft. Ashley founded Livetree as a sustainable funding model for film and TV. He is a specialist on blockchain intellectual property rights management and is a featured speaker at various conferences around the globe.

Livetree is the next generation of video distribution and the world’s first funding and distribution platform solely dedicated to film and TV.  It is an open platform that re-imagines how you watch, interact and share content. We provide something that is missing from the entertainment industry:  our mission is to truly engage people through storytelling and deliver meaningful content through people you trust.

Starting out as a rewards-based crowdfunding company, Livetree uses stories centred around sustainability and social change to connect us and form positive communities. Crowdfunded items are available on Livetree today.

The film industry is inconsistent, its contracts are opaque, and a lot of the content seems to lack direction. Livetree has created a transparent, decentralised system, and produces content that has a clear sense of direction in prompting people to make a positive social change.

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Music from the New Jungle

“We don’t want to be here. No one wants to leave their own nation, to be far away from their home country, to be away from their mum and dad. But leaving was our only choice.”

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I Bought My Own Rainforest

The Amazon is in danger – so how can you make a difference?

In 2019 there were a record number of fires in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is home to ten percent of the world’s species and its decline could have a serious effect on the global climate.

So what can we do about it? As fires and deforestation destroy large parts of the Amazon rainforest, many of us have been looking for ways to protect the world’s richest and most varied biological reservoir. Check out our room Save the Jangal on Livetree to join the conversation now!

It is easy to feel powerless in the face of the hurdles and difficulties that come with conservation efforts, but what if we took matters into our own hands such as in the  “I Bought My Own Rainforest”  documentary on Livetree?

To protect the land from illegal loggers, wildlife photographer Charlie Hamilton James bought 100 acres of the Peruvian Amazon… without even looking at it first. Upon arrival he found that the reality was very different to what he expected. He had in fact bought an illegal coca plantation, and key to all this was Elias, an logger who lived on the land with his daughter.

Follow his journey of discovery across the Amazon in “I Bought My Own Rainforest” on Livetree, as he works in illegal gold mines and cattle ranches, lives with the Machiguenga and even takes mind altering brews as a Shaman’s assistant.
This fascinating documentary is a powerful and honest look at the complexities of conservation and poverty in the Amazon. It is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and by watching on Livetree you can make a real impact and help bring it to light.

Livetree gives you the power to go beyond watching and engage with millions of like-minded people. To find out more about “I Bought My Own Rainforest” and discover more impactful films about world issues, head over to Livetree and become part of a community that cares.


Livetree is your home for documentaries, feature films, TV series and your live video stories that shine a light on world issues. Everything from the environment, poverty innovation, diversity, overcoming adversity, equality and the 17 sustainability goals. You can watch films, TV, chat, interact and form a real community to make a positive social change.

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Poverty Within the Eyes of a Child

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are, and the lack of social support has left some of the most vulnerable children in terrible situations. In this revealing documentary, ‘Poverty Within the Eyes of a Child’, we’re introduced to Kylie and Becky, two eight-year-old twins who live in a household of 12. Their parents are unemployed, and the girls are having to face adult responsibilities long before they should. The children are unable to go to school and face imminent eviction due to circumstances out of their control. Find out more here on the Eyes of a Child documentary.

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Livetree Rooms

We believe that social interaction and movies go hand in hand. On LiveTree, users will form communities where you can interact with each other and your friends, share content and vote on what you want to see next. LiveTree Rooms will gather an addressable user base around a shared taste, genre, producer, subculture or even just your friends watching a film together. The LiveTree system will support our independent and mainstream content producers to provide an addressable user base of dedicated fans. Request access to become part of the future of entertainment! Continue reading “Livetree Rooms”

The Wider Sun returns to LiveTree!

Before we launched our film and TV streaming service, LiveTree was a fully operational UK-based crowdfunding platform for two years. Some of the great films developed during that time are coming back for exhibition on our streaming service.

‘The Wider Sun’, a Scotland-set debut short directed by Sophia Carr-Gomm, raised its budget on LiveTree, going onto show at the Cambridge Film Festival and make a big splash in Edinburgh in November. The premiere, however, was at the BFI, which Carr-Gomm credits to the LiveTree’s association with the legendary organisation. Continue reading “The Wider Sun returns to LiveTree!”